Monday, April 16, 2012

Hmmm. Left or Right?

I've been mulling over the two dresses (below) for about a week now. They are hanging on my closet doors, and I stare at them from the bed. Stare. I bought them from Sears (On-line, one of the most painless ways for me to shop) and they were both on sale. They are both "Royal Blue" I think. I liked the one on the left because I thought the jacket was cute and more "multi-purpose," meaning I could perhaps put a black skirt or something with it for Nick's wedding. The colors are blue and yellow, and Eric helpfully suggested that I take a yellow magic marker and color in all the white spots with yellow. Helpful? I don't think so.

So, then I got brave and tried them on. They are a size bigger than I "think" I am. They are a size bigger than I ought to be. So I sucked in my tubby tummy and modeled for Mike. Here's the solid blue one. It IS a pretty dress. It is much prettier on a shapely body (but not this body's shape). Mike is SOOOO encouraging. He said in 3 month's time, I can be in great shape!! I agree. I could be. But will I choose to be?! I think that requires getting up early and not eating what I like to eat. Mmmm. Not much of a chance, I think.
And below is the patterned one. I'm not sure the jacket will look good with a skirt. It may be short enough that it will look too chunky (Like I'm NOT?! )
Then, after all this, I remembered I have this blue sequined top (below) already in my closet and had forgotten all about it. It's very close to the right color. Sequins? For the mother of the groom? Probably a bit flashy.

So, send your votes to my g-mail account or comment on the blog. Love, MommaLinda


Donna said...

I vote the one with the jacket. More flattering in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Both your mom and I agree that the one with the jacket is the best. You look gorgeous!
Love, Aunt T