Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Arizona Temple in Gilbert

We stopped by the construction site of the new Gilbert, AZ temple to try to take a few pictures.  It's a lovely temple (aren't they all?)

Here are a few more random photos.  Below is Devin, just resting while waiting for pictures on the Temple grounds to be done.  And waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.

Funny story.  There was quite a lot of construction going on in Mesa and Gilbert.  The signs that you might be able to see if you click on the photo below and make it bigger say
KEEP LEFT.  KEEP RIGHT.  At the same time. It was a bit confusing.  What they really wanted us to do was stay in the middle, but we kind of went veering around a time or two because we missed one sign or the other.  funny.  I took a video, too ,but will not attempt to post it.
 Devin is STILL waiting!! ha.
 Kirk and Justin are waiting, and waiting, too.
 We did not have to wait long for food, however. And it was sure yummy!  Fresh flowers in cute quart mason jars on the table with jewels, petals, and bubbles.
 Below:  Back at the temple grounds. I just thought this tree had something of an old olive tree look to it.  Gnarled and old.

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