Sunday, March 31, 2013

Poor Bunny!

I love that my family has a "Bunny Cake for Easter" tradition.  It's fun.  I borrowed this nice, spring-time cake stand for our cake this year.  My mother-in-law ended up gifting it to me.  It's nice, but I won't be able to use it for a bunny cake.  There's no room for the tail.  I did find a different recipe/pattern for a slight variation of this cake, but couldn't go against tradition.  So I made it with the fluffy icing, jelly beans, paper ears, etc.  I noticed that Donna made the other version I found online.  It looked nice.  Well, I guess Angie gets credit for assembling hers. This one's all mine and you can see the fast demise as the afternoon wore on.  So sad.

Wait a minute!! Wat are those black things doing there where the tail is (or where the tail should be)??

Ooooh!  Pretty!  It's getting closer to Spring time around here.  All the apricot trees in town are in full bloom.  Silly trees.  Don't they know it's still gotta snow at LEAST two more times--probably three!!

But I just love this pink hyacinth.  So fragrant.  Never mind that I never cleaned out the flower bed last fall and got rid of the old dead iris leaves.  It still thrives each year, even though I always forget about it and seldom ever even water it!

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day.   We brought these out a day early and shared them at dinner.  They were a pain and didn't turn out nearly as good-looking as they should have.  Don't bother. They are a waste of time and energy.

Then the bunny cake got cut into for dessert and it went downhill from there.  It slid all over the place, so I just laid it down and placed it in the fridge to spend the night.  Poor Bunny.

Lest you think we all just eat jelly beans and chocolate cake to celebrate Easter, we do not.  I went to Sacrament meeting today and listened to some great talks.  One was by my dear friend, Nancy.  She talked about the blessings of the resurrection and the atonement in the context of the loss that her family had a little over 20 years ago when her husband was killed in an accident. So many members, but particularly our bishop at the time (President Kevin Bulloch) were such a great help to her family.  I was kind of teary.  We moved into the ward shortly after that happened.  Then the other speaker also spoke of Nancy and her great faith in the Atonement and Resurrection.  He was a friend and neighbor of hers for many years and he, a visiting Seventy, was classmates of many of our ward members (there are a lot of us the same age).  It was just a really good meeting.  I was quite touched, and I really do know that because of Christ, we will ALL be resurrected!  I just can't imagine going through life and not knowing, not having that kind of hope.

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