Monday, March 25, 2013


Above is a nice little display in my library.  It says "Write your Own Story" and it's made from books, hanging in the stacks.  It was someones assignment in a Typography class.  So, this is for all you "Font Geeks" out there. :-)

We have other random things in our Library, too.  I don't recall just when these photos (below) were taken.  Quite a while ago.

Yes, those are Teletubbies wandering through the library one night.  Very strange.  I think it was during finals.  Maybe they were trying to relieve tension or something.  I dunno.

Oh!  Well, obviously they were taken around Christmas time, judging from the tree in our lobby!
Below is the cataloging room. They had to work by window light and lamplight for a couple of months while a construction project was on-going. And it was so crowded!
They took an office, moved walls over, divided it in to three areas.  Now it's all completed and we have a "Pre-Medical" department residing in the Library. Who'd a thunk it?
Above.  Another bit of random-ness. This is the paper that came out of two drugs.  One was the antibiotic I took for my ear infection (which is still in the process of getting back to "normal"!).  Is this what Nick has been having to study so hard the past 2 years?  That's a LOT of words!!  Both sides are covered with teeny-tiny print.  None of which I read--thus the crumples, as it was on it's way to the trash. I needed some random things to blog about.

I also thought I needed to take a photo of my pretty little tulip bulbs that were springing up in my front flower bed.  We'd re-planted everything last fall.  But then it snowed before I could snap a photo.
I made some of these for co-workers, friends and neighbors.
The tulips leaves--they REALLY are there!!
This was an odd apparition.  There was a jet just to the west of us in the afternoon, flying around in circles.  Great, big, loop-de-loops.  We don't know who or why, but it made some interesting jet trails to see in the sky.

Ahhhh.  This is for ERIC.  His "23B423" bucket list of things to do includes eating a dozen donuts from "Beyond Glaze" in SLC.  So, since we were in salt lake city (and he was in Provo), I picked them up for him and brought them home.  He really did eat all of them himself with minimal sharing.  I got a bite here and a bit there, but it took him a few days to get all the way through them.  Aren't they pretty?  Yep, they look good enough to eat!

OK, here we are back in Arizona for Jessica and Lynn's wedding.  There was a lot of road construction going on in Gilbert and Mesa.  Wait--There is ALWAYS road construction going on EVERYwhere--who are we kidding!?  The photo below is for Texans who think that everything is big in Texas.  Well, here were some very BIG things in Arizona.  That "snort" on the side of the road was quite large.  And in the distance--the far distance--is a palm-tree-disguised cell tower that was by far the largest I'd EVER seen!  It was the size of a water tower.  Truly.
Back to my conference in Salt Lake City for the library.  COSUGI conference, if you want specifics.  Customers of SirsiDynix User Groups, Inc.  I was admiring one of the Vender's fresh flowers on display with their stuff.  It was the last day and she GAVE them to me!  How sweet. Unfortunately, the 6 large light pink tulips did not survive the trip, but the lilies, roses, iris did, and I enjoyed these beauties in my home the rest of the week.
Who knows why these photos do not load in order?  This is a poor cataloger, working in the dark.  He has a few scattered lamps, light from the window and a temporary wall separating him from the work area.  It's been an interesting year in the Library.

And I have interesting bike rides on occasion.  These stains never would come all the way out, and I'm sad. It was one of my best shirts.  I just didn't realized that I didn't zip up my coat and the splashes landed on me.  Well, I actually HAD zipped my coat, but didn't realize the zipper didn't really zip any more--it broke. I couldn't tell because there are snaps over part of the zipper on the top half. I've washed (never dried) this many times, used bleach pen--the whole nine yards.  It's a little less than the picture, but still shows three big splotches. This is right on the front. So sad.
So much for randomness.  Oh, and the library will continue to change and shift an evolve, as one of our key players in the Access Services Department just passed away this morning.  Oh my.  Thankfully, he died peacefully in his sleep at home.  We will miss Phil Dillard.

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