Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas, 2013

We had our traditional Christmas breakfast together, but -- MY!-- what a small group we are.  "Vegan Cassarole" with a fruit cup and egg nog for those of us who absolutely love the stuff.  Juice for the rest of the wimps.

Eric rather loves his new sweater.  He is very ready to start opening presents.   The tree certainly looks sparse with the bright sunlight through the living room window!

Yes . It was sunny on Christmas morning.  I never even went outside the rest of the day.  We love the warming sunshine in our living room in the wintertime.
Usually, we open gifts here at our house, and then trek over to Mike's Mom's to open her gifts to us.  However, this year, we had Mike go over and get her and her gifts and we just had one un-wrapping party at my house for a change.

I forgot to take a picture of our new luggage we got ourselves for Christmas.  Mike thought it was rather girly - looking, but it's neutral enough.  It survived the Madison trip quite nicely.  We took two of the three pieces.  I absolutely LOVED the way they strap together and I can pull two at a time and it just feels like one light piece of luggage.  Cool.
Mostly we received clothes.  Mike got a reloading equipment piece (it cleans cases), and a truck seat cover.  I got boots and a few nice tops, Mike some dress slacks, Eric some shorts and jeans.  Our trip to Madison was mine and Mike's main gift.

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