Monday, January 6, 2014

Wasting time

Red box keeps sending me coupons for free movies.  More often, they send me coupons (via text) for rent one--get one free movies.  I never use those.  But I do use the Free ones.  And occasionally I'll just splurge the $1.28 for a couple of hours of semi-decent entertainment.  Because I don't want to clean house or wash dishes or prepare a lesson or do any deep reading.  So, we cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie just for fun.  But I didn't realize just HOW much time I've spent over the past many months.  Yikes.  That's a lot of movies.  I am going list them all, much to my embarrassment and chagrin.  Oh, the time! The wasted time!!

We did watch "Man of Steel" with Eric on Saturday night.  Man, they sure changed up the original Superman movies with THAT one!  It was still pretty enjoyable.

Over the holidays at Katie's house we watched:

The Man Who Came to Dinner
I Remember Mama
Random Harvest
It Happened on 5th Avenue
Ephraim's Rescue
Christmas for a Dollar
Semi-Frozen (someone had given Katie a pirated and very poor copy of Frozen, so we watched it)
Three or so Hallmark Christmas movies.  I don't even remember the titles, but they were all about the same.

And that was JUST at Katie's house and in less than one week!  Granted, it was too darn cold outside to do much of anything, so we were just inside...but still!  That's a lot of movies.

Thanksgiving Holiday I went to the Theater with Eric and we saw
Catching Fire

I PAID to rent:
The Internship in November
Iron Man 3 in October
Now You See Me in September
42 in August
Here Comes the Boom in July
Robot and Frank in April
Saints and Soldiers, Airborne Creed in March
The Avengers in February
Trouble with the Curve in Dec or Jan.

I guess that's not too bad--one a month.  But I didn't keep track of the films I didn't have to pay for :
Monster's University
The Impossible
Guilt Trip
Playing for Keeps
Fun Size
Angel's Sing
First Daughter

Mike just said that is probably more movies than we've watched in our whole married life, put together. Well, perhaps not. But it's a lot.
I'm going to take up house keeping or sewing.  OR, watch movies WHILE I sew, perhaps? Hmmm. New Year resolution, perhaps.

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