Friday, January 3, 2014

Some travel tidbits

 Just outside of Las Vegas, NV is this huge, mirrored energy plant of sorts. We've seen it under construction on other trips, but this was the first time we have seen it in operation!
 It is so futuristic and strange.  Acres and Acres of mirrors or something reflective focusing the light of the sun onto the three large towers.
 There are three towers and they were all in operation.  Very impressive.  I have no idea who owns it or where the power goes or how well it works, but it sure must be hot.  And it's WINTER and quite cool in the desert right now.  In summer time, it has to be positively, explosively, sizzzling hot.
I googled it.

 Way up north on the Interstate 15 corridor near Lehi, Mike ran into the Cabella's store while Eric, Mom and I waited in the car.  He's just shopping for re-loading equipment and supplies.  He came out empty-handed, but the sky sure way gorgeous as it was reflecting this pretty sunset off the mountains behind us.  I took these two shots while sitting in the car at a stoplight.  Pretty.

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