Saturday, October 24, 2015

AGW 2015

Yes, I went to Paris for AGW this year. :-)

Not really. The seven of us stayed at the South Point Hotel and resort. We spent time at the pool and hot tub, we went to  a movie ("The Intern"). Donna and I had a spa experience (ahhhhh), and we all played a game [Telestrations] together, too! We also ate a lot of food. Well, some of us did. 

Now, that's a BIG Horse Statue!

Well, I thought if I uploaded photos from York that I could put them into the blog.  Apparently not. They are all blurry. So Sorry.

Mom brought me her History book that she and Donna put together. It covers her Mom's Early years and has lots of photos and narrative of her growing up in Southern California. Aunt Tuny is looking through it int he above photo. And below.

And they are still such goofy girls when they get together!
And Pamela fits right in.
Sharing photos and stories.
Taking more photos to make more stories.

We wandered through the lovely Bellagio atrium, all decorated for Fall. Tall dandilions, one HUGE squirrell, some cute owls and racoons, and lots of lovely flowers.

Hmmmm.  I uploaded the two photos above differently.  I really don't want to have to re-do all these photos.  They CAN all be clear. If I do them one at a time. Oh, well. Let me know if you are interested in seeing a blurry one more clearly and I will do it. Just for you.


Barefoot sandals at the pool. I actually did a little swimming in the pool and yoga by the  pool. I was trying to get my "Outdoor Challenge"points for SUU. Too bad the roller coaster ride was so short, or that might have counted for an outdoor activity, too! Ha.

Yes. I rode the Manhattan Express.  All by myself.


Britnee Autrey said...

So cute! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!! Thanks for sharing! Gma looks sooo good :) so did you know all those extra ladies? Were they all just friends or extended family?

Linda Liebhardt said...

What extra ladies? They're all our family in a round-a-bout sorta way. Aunt Tuny and my two cousins Sandi and Suz; the only one you might not know is Pam, and she's my daughter-in-law's mom (or my son, Damian's, Mother-in-law, depending on how you look at it) and dear friend/family member who lives nearby. We drove down to Vegas together. Sure missed you, Britnee--you would have fit right in and we even talked about YOU! Were your ears burning, Britnee??

Britnee Autrey said...

Yes, they were! My nose itched, too!!!

Oh okay, I guess there is a lot of Eric's family I just don't know... YET! Although, I have heard the name Aunt Tuny. I'm so glad it was so fun! Bummed I didn't get to see everyone! It's not every day everyone is in the same spot at the same time!