Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sleeping in. Or NOT

This morning is a Saturday. It is one of the first ones in a long time that I do not have to be anywhere or do anything. I get  to listen to General Conference on tv and putter around in the house and catch up with the stuff that I need to do after having fun family visitors, etc. Maybe wash the car, do some laundry.  And Mike is out of town.

Friday was a long day, and I fell into bed fairly early (for me), exhausted. The first thing on my list for Saturday was


Only I was so tired when I went to sleep last night that I forgot to turn off my alarm. Ugh! Now, I realize my 5:45 am wake up time is not as early as some folks', but it is WAY early for me, and that was such a disappointment and spoiler to my sleeping in. So I turned it off and tried to go back to sleep.

Only our house phone made some weird beeping noise in my bedroom that it doesnt usually do. The message light flashed, and THEN it made another flash I d never seen before...almost like a white flash. Hmmm. So, I got up and unplugged THAT. Add to my Saturday   list: "buy new house phones". I rather hate shopping, especially for electronics.

Went back to bed. It was still only a little past 6 a.m. and I snuggled back under the covers. We finally have some cooler weather. I mean, it IS October, after all. Some of our days have been really hot of late, so having some cool air come in the bedrom window kind of felt nice and refreshing.

Except I heard a strange noise in the house. Was that the FURNACE coming on!?!?! Yes, indeed-y! So, I got up and turned off the furnace --which I didn' even know was ABLE to turn on since the power switch for it should have been off. I think perhaps someone may have turned on the switch, thinking it was the storage room light switch.

Back to bed. No wonder the covers felt so good ( but it' not THAT cold!!)

When the phone rang ( clear in the kitchen now, with no bedroom phone--ha!) with a person calling to ask Mike about nails and bolts, I gave up.

Good Morning to you, too!

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Kaylee said...

Such a disappointing way to spend a Saturday morning! Hopefully tomorrow will be better :)