Saturday, October 3, 2015

Katie & Family

 I didn't take many photos on my tablet that are easy to load onto blog, but here are a few. Above, Katie with Rachel, waving. This is the first time they have met, on this visit to Cedar City. We are so glad both families could be here!

 We played one game of "Kid History" Sunday before Nick' family left.

 Ah, that snake. Always a favorite toy. Corbin.
 Spelling with "Bananagrams". Hayden.
Hayden LOVES drawing, too. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a current favorite .
 So fun, just to sit around and chat. So hard for Katie to get comfortabe enough to sit anywhere for any length of time. She (and those babies) are really growing!

 I don' t know if Katie and Casey ALWAYS wear matching clothes...maybe she is practicing for twins?
 Anothee attempt at sitting comfortably.
 Hayden and Corbin playing air Hockey
 With Casey. I'm not sure who won, but I know it was a pretty intense game. ( But not NEARLY as intense as when Braeden L plays!)

Maybe someday I can upload some photos from my camera and add those. Although, I seem to be turning into my mom--photos are not worth it! I get frustrated with the quality of the pictures and give up easily. I thoughtthe tablet would do abetter job, too. A lot depends on the photographer, I know....someone suggested a class. Not worth the time and expense when others take so many nice ones.

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Kaylee said...

I'm glad you took the pictures you did. I don't think I got a single picture of Katie or anyone in her family :(