Friday, June 24, 2016

SATURDAY May 28th -- Off to ROMANIA!!

Larry dropped us off at the St. George Shuttle for an 8 am trip to Vegas. No stops or slow-downs. I have never had a shuttle driver narrate about the geology in the Virgin River Gorge before!  It was interesring, and now I have an arch to look for the next time I go through through the Gorge northbound. Flights to Cluj were smooth. The airport experiences were rather harried. Getting out of Las Vegas, we checked in okay, but thought we would have to check our larger carry on, as it did not fit into their little "size-guide." Air Canada would have done that for free (checked it through to our final destination) however, not to Cluj. So we took it on, boarded with Zone 2 instead of our assigned zone 4 and managed to find room for all our stuff. There was not food served on that 4 hour flight to Toronto. Mike slept for most of that flight. I listened to an Audio book and did puzzles from the newspaper. Slept a little since we were up so early, and been up late the night previous, trying to get phone things cleared up.
We walked VERY fast through the Toronto airport, thinking we were going to miss our flight, but we were looking at the boarding time, not the departure time. So we finally had time for Mike to tie his shoes. Escalators and moving walkways with shoe laces floppin-- not a good combination. I am glad we didnt lose him or a shoe. And we could get a drink, use the bathroom, too. Whew.

Toronto flight was smooth, but we were way in the back of the plane, and our connecting flight in Munich to Cluj was only 20 minutes after our scheduled arrival! There was no way to make that. A flight attendant found two empty seats closer to the font, helped is quiclky move our two bags and selves up there. So squishy with people all around! Ours in the back were empty around us and on the aisle, so we were comfy watching movies and playing games on the computer screens. And they fed us dinner, plus a little breakfast snack. 7 hours long from Toronto to Munich. We ran quickly through Munich, too. Got to the gate just at the departure time. There was no plane. But we had to go up and down stairs, found a shuttle bus and sat there (Mike had a hard time keeping up with me during all those airport sprints! ) waiting, a good time to catch our breath and discover that we were tired and needed a bathroom.  We waited for 10 or more minutes before they drove us over to the other terminal. More stairs to get on and off this little plane.  Poor Mike's knees .
Siago Pension on Republicicci Street.

But we were finally in Cluj! We got a Taxi, checked into our cute little room and crashed asleep for a nap. It felt like it DID take two days to get here. It was Sunday afternoon, and we left our home on Saturday morning!
Mike, resting up for the big trip at the St. George Shuttle stop. ;-)  It was, indeed, a big trip!

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