Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Thursday, and a brief meeting, etc. June 2, 2016

Thursday. I had a 10 am meeting with the Erasmus Coordinator/vice dean of European Studies. I had no name, no address. I went to the building on Avram Ionciu that we walk down daily with the flags and a sign out front that says European studies. When I went in, there was a little booth occupied by a short, round gentleman. I asked (in English) where I might find the vice dean of European studies. He did not speak English. I approached a nearby student and her English was okay, but she really didn't know what or who I needed. She did speak with a friend or two,  then walked me around the corner to the offices of the European studies. I had gone to the class room building, basically. (Only they have "courses" and "seminars" or symposium, not "classes.")

I was left at the secretary's office. She, also was confused by my request, but quickly made a phone call, and then I had to wait. I waited until 10 am, then told the secretary that my appointment was at ten, and perhaps I should just go to the office she'd called and not wait for them to call back with the info we needed. Just then the phone rang and it was the lady I needed to meet. She had not taken the phone call from the other person because she was expecting me. Delia Flangja came downstairs to retrieve me, and then we walked back up to her office. I asked if there were music classes in here, too, as I'd heard what seemed to be a tuba. This building used to be a theater and now part of it is still a rehearsal hall for the Cluj Philharmonic Orchestra. It  can get very loud during rehearsals, but it is "pleasant sound", according to the secretary.  Many of the University's buildings are "re-purposed" buildings and they are scattered about the city.

Delia told me about the program they have in European studies in many different languages, but mostly the ones offered in English. She gave me a class schedule. She asked what courses were taught at our University. I left all of my Cedar City pamplets with her. I wish I would have brought more SUU info. I wish I KNEW more SUU info! I just felt really unprepared to be an ambassador and wasn't sure just what I was supposed to be doing. But I did my best. She walked us down the street and around the corner, down two blocks to where the library for THIS faculties was hidden in a French studies place--not related to them. Stairwells in that building had no handrails in them. The library had only 2000 volumes mostly in English. It served the department that studies ...I am not sure what. International relations, among other things. There is some overlap with economics and political science. Books were piled in a blocked off entry way. There were areas to study, but the number of students in that " faculty" is relatively small, so there library is, too. There was no librarian on duty, but a kind instructor came to show us the library. He has authored some books and discovered on that little trip to the library that the books written by him were not on the shelves. The  room holding the books on its exterior shelves had one large study table in the center of it, and that was the extent of this library. One large room with a conference-sized table in the center and a separate study "lab."

Thursday afternoon. June 1, 2016We went to museum of national history, but it was a special exhibit about ancient Rome, done computer game (Wii) style. But in that museum building also contained a library of books for the study of Art History aT Babeş-Bolyai University AND Ancient History. We found a nice library worker named Steve who got permission for me to take some photos of those two places.
Stairs to the top floors of the Museum of National History

Interesting Tombs in the courtyard area of the Museum. Most of the Museum was closed.

Ceramic and gas heater in the corner of several rooms. No A/C at all. very warm.

 After that, we found a place to eat lunch. This one was a French bistro, and multiple languages were being spoken in it-- French on one side of us, and German on the other and then they switched to English. They only had one quiche Lorraine serving, so we convinced the waiter that we would share it. It was so rich and creamy, I'm glad we did. Small salad of just lettuce and tomatoes, too. Very good, and one of the most reasonably-priced ones we have had since he didn't know how to add a second salad to the bill!  I hope we left a good tip for the waiter.

We forgot to take the "before" pix
Their place mats were coloring pages.

There is a law, prominantely placed about in most places of business, that if the seller does not give you a receipt of sale, you do not have to pay for the goods. Receipts from a cash register machine are REQUIRED. Limits street venders, yes?

We did stop in at St. Michael's çhurch to find out about evening Organ recitals, and found they are only on Saturday nights. Also, on our walk back to our room, we walked through a Fransiscan Order of Catholicism(?) Church. We were not really sure, bit it was lovely, old, well-used and richly decorated with many paintings and statues.

We also stopped to buy some yummy and rather expensive chocolates, but I made Mike promise we would not gobble them up in one sitting -- which we are certainly able to do! -- , but savor them for special desserts. So far (I'm typing this Saturday morning) we have!

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