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Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday. May 3o,2016. We walked around and found St. Michael's church in the center of town on Sunday and knew where that was, so on Monday, we went to the main Babes Bolyai University Library. Some very nice people (one was the manager of tne library!)were very welcoming. They found English speakers and we were shown Special Collections, Study rooms, the main closed stacks, interlibrary loan, and Felix'S office where he digitizes. I took photos. Library was very quiet as students are studying for exams.  They have all "evaluations" after the semester ends and it takes three weeks to administer those finals. Very intense.

I walked down to find the meeting place for Tuesday and stopped to buy an apple streudal type pastry for us on the way home to kind of have for lunch.. We mostly just snacked today  because we were meeting Hannah for dinner.

But first at 5:30, we met with Gabriella, a church member. She knew Phil Green (he and his family live in our ward) whe he served his mission in Romania, but Gabriella also served a mission in England and also met and knew some other Green's from Cedar, Ray and Carma. We were in the same ward with them for a brief period of time, too!. They loved Gabriella, and I can see why. She is a delightful woman. Single. Only member in her family. Cluj has only a small branch of thirty active members. Much work to be done here. She gave us suggestions for things like museums to see, etç..but not so much for family history. There is not much in the country around here and since the country was run by Hungary back then ,she suggested looking at records in Budapest, Hungary rather than in Romania. We shall see!

I actually ran into Hannah while I was on my walk early in the afternoon, and we chatted for about 20 minutes. I had not met her previously. She is an SUU student studying there this semester.  We met with her at 6:30 pm and she walked us to a hidden restaurant down a narrow street that I would have termed an alley, but it has a street name, and cars drive and park in it. The restaurant served ethnic
food, so Mike had some beef and mushroom stuff and I had stuffed cabbage leaves. Good. Bulkolov Cafe or something like that. Fun company. After we walked home, we just read a bit and went to bed very early.  We are very worn out because the hotel is on the side of a hill AND the humidity is high. Plus, I walked home in a rain shower this afternoon .
Here are a few shots of our room and some of the town square area that we walked around over the past two days.
Standing jn the main square of "old town" area. King Mathias statue and St. Michael's cathedral.

Our messy room. Home for a week, and it was plenty comfortable. Except the 41 stairs we had to climb each and every time.  But the air conditioning worked!
exterior of St. Michaels. This is in the center of their town square and very old.

Mike standing by one of the side doors in St. Michaels. It was pretty big.

Interesting stone work. And Hanna gave me flowers when we met for dinner. She called them her "Gypsy" flowers since she got them from a street vender who was a gypsy woman.

Inside St. Michael's cathedral. This is  a central podium. Very VERY ornate and big.

Typical cobblestone side street and the old original city wall.

This is Felix, our library tour guide. His English was excellent and he was very helpful and friendly.

We visited the closed stacks in the library building

Lots of stairs in the library

We found our name in a Transylvania
Gazette that the University Library had in their database.

Town square. Film festival was going on, and the pink kiosk is AVON! 

The main !ibrary for the University

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