Monday, January 17, 2011

Back in April, 2010...

Yes, clear back in April (I found these pictures on my camera just recently), Mike and I traveled to Vernal for the blessing of this cute little baby girl (above). I believe she is a Great-Grand-Niece. (Wow) Baby and family came from Arizona to be with all the family Conference/Easter Weekend.
Mike's sister Jannae and brother-in-law, Joe (below) were the great-grandparents and the host of this nice big family gathering.

Josh and Karlee were our hosts and we stayed in their cute little home. Joe and Jannae's family continues to grow, because now Josh and Karlee have a new baby!

Andrew and Christine also had a new baby recently.
Mike with two nephews. Stacey, on left, has a couple of new grandbabies now. Gary's family is enjoying a nice status quo right now. ;-)
Tara and her oldest and youngest children.
Joe and Jannae have 5 children and I don't even know how many grand and great grand children. Here's some more. The couple on the right, Logan and Lindy, also have a new one now.
Here's Mike's mom with the newly-adopted Marissa. She's so cute!
Mike likes to sit on his relatives, apparently. Stacey and Monica.
Smile! John is a photographer. Between General Conference sessions they gathered in the Relief Society room for a baby blessing, then a luncheon in the cultural hall. It was just family and it was a BIG crowd!

Here is Massiel with baby, Massiel's husband Andre, and Massiel's mom, Lesa and stepdad, John.
We're so glad we were able to spend some time with this fine family! Lesa and John came all the way from Florida and I believe ALL their children were there and a good percentage of all the cousins, aunts and uncles. Fun times.

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Suzanne said...

Kind of fun when you find fun old photos on your camera that you forgot about, huh? Looks like a nice weekend!