Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Non-Shopper's Shopping Trip

Anybody who knows me might know that I don't like shopping. However, if I HAVE to, I can. Ugh. Also, if I need something, I'll do it. Double Ugh.

I decided I needed a dress coat. I've been wearing a parka to school and to Church (and to Music Arts, Concerts, etc.) for years. I have an ancient long quilted garage-sale special that I got right after moving here from Hawaii. It's great for walking to work in the snow or when you have to be out and it's bitter cold. But wearing a parka to church was kind of wearing on me. I wanted a dressier coat. So I went shopping. Gag me. Bealls has some good deals, so I checked them out and I even made Gail come with me. It helps to make the shopping a little more tolerable. And it actually helps quite a bit. She's got good taste. I did find a nice blouse (which I am NOT wearing in the picture), but I passed on the coats. I really liked one, but it had no pockets! I HAVE to have pockets. But I really liked it. I was waffling.

I looked at Penny's when we were in St. George on Friday. Good prices, but not exactly what I wanted. If they were two to three inches longer, I might have bought one. Maybe.

A few days later, I looked at Christensen's. They didn't have a big choice.

A day later, I got a coupon on the mail from Bealls, for $10 off. Then I got to thinking, "Hey, I can sew! If the price is right and I really like that coat, I should just get it and then I can put in my OWN pockets!" Duh. They had fake ones, I thought. Well, I went there after work with Mike and tried it on again today, and guess what? The pockets were NOT fake--they were real! Yay. So they rang it up for me. It rang up for less than what was on the price tag, then my coupon took even MORE off the price so I ended up with a $168 wool-blend coat for under $55. I thought it was a great deal. So much so that I let Mike take a picture of me in it. Boring blah black, but I like it. And it has pockets. :-)

When a non-shopper has a positive shopping experience, she simply MUST share! (Did I mention it had pockets?)


galleygrapevine said...

Yay for finding something that you love! I hate to shop for myself, I can never find anything that I like.

Donna said...

Yay for you!! I went shopping Target 90% off today :o)

Tandy said...

BTW: I LOVE black! And I really like the coat! And I'll get to see it in person this next week! Yay!