Sunday, January 16, 2011

Elder Liebhardt Photos

I figured I should give folks an update on our missionary in the Washington DC North Mission. He attached a few photos last week when he wrote, so here is a glimpse of some of his work.
First, The Festival of Lights! Eric absolutely LOVES having the Temple in his mission, LOVES the Festival of Lights. We really missed him this year because he wasn't here to hang our outdoor Christmas lights. I hope after being there and seeing what they've done in DC that he'll be inspired and make our home and trees look a little more festive next year.The crew at the Woffinden's on Thanksgiving. Elders Tolman, Aru, Peterson, Mezerai, Carver, Searle, Shigata.

A favorite missionary couple. Brother and Sister Woffinden with Eric at Thanksgiving.

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