Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Driving [to] Shower

Nope, not a weather report.  Although, we have had NO rain for such a long time!!  It's mighty dry around here and it's just the first day of summer.  Our lawn is really suffering, and even our trees are looking a little stressed.

Saturday, June 16, Kaylee's sisters-in-law hosted a bridal shower for her up in Salt Lake City.  Gail and I went, along with Grandma L. and Gail's 2 kiddos.  We left Cedar at 6 am, drove right there, enjoyed a really nice shower in West Jordan at Brooke's home.  It was really lovely--both her home AND the shower!  She is quite the hostess and does love doing parties.  It shows.  Mostly it was grandmas, aunts and cousins there.  There was a nice brunch, only one fun game for Kaylee to guess Nick's answers to certain questions.  I'll have to tell you the one that got the most "Oh's".  Nick was asked (and it went both ways--she was asked to say the same about Nick), "What did Nick say was his favorite physical feature of yours [Kaylee's]."  yeah, well, the question was worded so it could be understood.  She had a hard time guessing, settled on "My smile.'  Good answer.  But Nick was quoted as saying, "My favorite thing about Kaylee is that her hand is just the right size to fit perfectly into mine."  Awww, isn't that sweet?  Such a romantic.  We're really excited about their upcoming wedding in July.  She is such a sweet gal.  They compliment each other well. 

Oh, and showers!  I'd forgotten about how many cool gifts and wonderful things one receives when approaching marriage!  This was just one shower and she (they) got TONS of stuff!!  What a haul.  My gift was so dorky...I really need to work at being a better gift-giver.  I'm such a procrastinator.  I did contribute to Gail's thoughtful and creative/personal gift, however, in addition to my dorky gift.  Gail made "sign-in" guest book pages, prettily decorated for the guest book at their receptions.  I provided the album in which to put the pages after they've been signed by the guests.

After the bridal shower, we headed up to North Salt Lake to see some cousins who were in town for a day doing motor cross racing.  Alec was there with his mom, Darla.  They are Liebhardt's from Battle Mountain, NV, and we seldom see them, so that was fun.   We just chatted briefly in the parking lot and didn't stay to see him race.  It was very hot, dusty, and noisy.  He'd done pretty well in the first two races that day.  I still pictured him, oh, about 7 years old or so.  Well, I hardly recognized him when they approached us.  He's taller than me, skinny, and about 15 years old.  Totally different kid than I remembered. I guess they do grow up...

We headed to Nick's house after that.  Eric had stayed up there after his conference in Logan earlier in the week.  We visited briefly, loaded up and headed south.  We ate dinner at the Family Tree Restaurant in Santaquin.  That was fun. I remembered they had large scones, but I forgot just HOW LARGE.  Wow.  I mean, WOW.  Like about a foot long...maybe 14 inches.  They were large.  And yummy.  And so was the rest of the food.

We were back home in Cedar by 7 pm or so.  Tired of sitting, that's for sure, but it was a very nice day!  Yep, no pictures. I forgot my camera.  So did gail.  I have one picture on my phone that I took at the shower (with much difficulty, I might add.  I have a new phone and it's way different than my old one), but I have no idea what to do with it from there.  Maybe someday.  I would have taken a picture of our food, too.  And Nick and Gail having a push-up contest on his living room floor, and the lavender fields . . . you can just picture it all in your minds now, can't you?


Tandy said...

Does anyone have pictures of the shower?? I love the answer Nick gave. He really is sweet!
And though I can imagine how wonderful it was in my mind... I would really like to see pictures! :o)

Kaylee said...

I'm SO glad you guys came all the way up here for the shower! It was a lot of fun to have you all there. And I loved the plant, we need something in our basement to make it more "homey."

Tandy, my sister-in-law has a ton of pictures of the shower. I will get them from her and maybe start my own blog one of these days :)