Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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In June, Cedar City hosts the Utah Summer Games.  It's always a lot of fun.  We have seldom (if ever) gone to the opening ceremonies of the games, even though they are a big and festive event.  We've watched the fireworks from just outside the stadium, or from our back yard.  The link above will take you to a site with many MANY pages of pictures.  Pages 8 and 10 looked to have some good ones.  I didn't look beyond there.

I decided to purchase tickets for me and Mike to go and see them.  This year was unique in that the football field in the stadium where the ceremonies are held is due to be replaced with artificial turf (boo) this season, so the grass was dried out and on it's way out.  So they booked "Nitro Circus" for the entertainment.  They were fantastic!  Such fun and thrills!  And the musical entertainment was good, too.  And flags by the dozens,and horses and athletes!  It was a fun party, and the stadium was filled to over-flowing.  We were lucky to find seats.
Before the opening ceremonies, we walked down to our chapel and we picnicked with Gail and her children on the lawn at our church, which is quite close to the stadium.  We were invited to have hotdogs with her and the kids.  We accepted.  Only Gail forgot the lighter. Darn.  She drove quickly to our house to retrieve one to light her BBQ grill.  Only NONE of us could figure out how to light the silly butane or propane bottle.  Very strange.  But Jonathan wanted a hot dog!  He was hungry.  So, he ate it cold.  That's the THIRD time he's done that!  Yuck.  But he just eats it right down.  [shudder]  We opted to pass on the (cold) hot dog, but we feasted on the rest of the yummy dinner she brought--potato salad, snack crackers, chips, cookies, veggie sticks and drinks.  Thanks, Gail, for a fun picnic!

Wouldn't it be fun to close off the blog post with a thrilling video of the music and fireworks that concluded the opening ceremonies?  Well, I forgot my camera, so you'll just have to use your imagination on that one, too.  It was pretty spectacular, though.  They spare no expense on that show.  I'm so glad we went.  It was a very enjoyable evening.

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