Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trying to be fit[er]

Occasionally I attend the staff weight training class on campus at noon.  I mean, really occasionally.  It's probably called "Strength and Conditioning" and it's more of an activity than a class. It's guided if we want it to be, or we can just hang out and do our own thing in the weight room if we'd rather.  The guided ones are like a mini cross fit workout.

I went on Monday. I just want all my readers to know that


Yes, they were girlie ones on my knees, but I did them.  In increments of 15 at a time, then ran about 100 meters, rested 1 minute, then did it again.  Ten times total, making 150 pushups.  I remember when I started attending the weights class I couldn't even DO a pushup.

So, yes. I'm just a little proud of   well-pleased with that accomplishment.  I wonder if it does make me more fit, or just more proud. ha.

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Suzanne said...

You are the woman! I can't do 150 pushups. I started doing them a few months ago when I went to the gym and only got to 20. You're impressive!