Sunday, August 26, 2012

How Doth Our Garden Grow?

 I sent this photo to a couple of my kids (via my phone!) and they were really impressed.  I sent some of the produce to another of my offspring via their aunt, and the other two got to eat in in my kitchen, lovingly prepared for them by Mommy Dearest.
And we've found homes for a lot of it because I just have neither the time nor the energy to preserve it.  Nor bottles or lids or space. (Well, I guess I could go get bottles, lids and make some space...I just don't feel an urgent need to do so right now.)
 This little guy decided that he was too shy to actually go through the fence to the other side, so he just stayed right there in the middle.  Mike unscrewed some of the slats on the fence to give it more room once we discovered this.  It's a little mis-shapen, but it is already turning orange, just one week after I snapped this picture.  And it's much bigger, too.

 Nope, Mike didn't pee in his pants.  The cabbage was full of water as he was trimming it up outside.  It's really kind of flattened, shape-wise.  But it sure made some yummy cole slaw to go with our Sunday dinner.  Actually, we gave this huge head away, gave a smaller one away to Mike's sister, and I made the cole slaw from the second half of another large one harvested earlier in the season that's been in my fridge.  We have several more in our garden, but they aren't doing so hot.  They don't seem to be making the heads as well as the ones we had last year.  These are lighter and less dense, besides being kind of flattened instead of round like a sphere.

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Tandy said...

I admit it. I am so jealous. I really stink at gardening. I can keep up the flowers and shrubs, but my garden just isn't producing like I thought it should. You have a bountiful harvest, I would say, and maybe it's because my space is small, but honestly... the only tomatoes we have harvested to date are a handful or two of the little cherry tomatoes. Peas a plenty, but not all at the same time. Corn... okay. But really the only thing that is doing well is the mini-pumpkin patch that is overtaking my lawn. Hmmm. :o(