Sunday, August 26, 2012

The List for August

It's been an interesting month.  It's coming to a close.  Here's "The List":

We had an open house/wedding reception here in Cedar City for our newlyweds, Nick and Kaylee.

I began hostessing at the Utah Shakespeare Festival on Fridays and Saturdays in the evening.  I will hostess four more times and get to see the last of the outdoor theater productions later this week, I think.  Yesterday, I hostessed twice--once for the matinee, and once for the evening.

I attended one play at the Neil Simon Festival before it ended this month. ("Driving Miss Daisy."  Not Neil Simon, but a great production, nonetheless.)

I hosted a "Because of Babies" luncheon at my home for two ladies I visit teach or go visiting teaching to.  They both had babies, so we had lunch together to celebrate the new little ones.

I presented some training in Salt Lake City with fellow committee members in my Utah Library Association committee.  That was a day-and-a half trip, and I even provided lunch for them.  (I'm seeing a food theme here.  Are you?)

I helped a dear friend, Cindy, with the food at her daughter's wedding reception.  We ate a LOT of cake after that.  Eric provided music for the wedding reception with a string quartet.  It was lovely.

Mike and I attended a seminar one evening on Social Security.   That was interesting.  Really.  I'm getting older and weird things interest me. ;-)

We've had rain and thunder and lightening so much that I have not had to water either the garden or the lawn in a very long time.  About a month, I would think.  We've had to dry off seats in the outdoor theater a time or two because of it, but we are glad to take the much-needed and wanted rain in our little desert community.

I've been training three new people at work most of the month and last month.  Whole new staff at the circulation desk these days.  I'm the "old one" now. (Well, I have been for a long time, actually.)

A bunch of people in my family had birthdays (David, Tandy, Damian, Laura), and Gail and Seth celebrated an anniversary.

My Dad had some surgery and complications.  That's been a roller coaster ride, he's on the mend but not totally out of the woods yet.  That was just on Monday, August 20th, so we've all been grateful for all the love and support of friends and family--especially all the prayers on his behalf.  Details can be found in Donna's blog (linked from mine).  Donna has been so appreciated by the rest of us siblings, as she is there with them and keeps in close contact with us all.

We had a fun ward party/dinner, attended a number of wedding receptions all summer long, a missionary farewell or two, I've taught my Primary class more than not this month (a major change from LAST month!).  Sadly, I've seen only three of the 6 USF Summer Season plays and the summer season ends on September 1. (We DO have tickets for Les Miserables in October, however!)

And I'm tired.  I start T-Fit at work tomorrow.  Fitness report to follow.

Has anyone ever heard of the movie "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen"?



Donna said...

Yes to the movie. Saw it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.

Tandy said...

Wow! Busy lady, you are! Was the question at the end just an afterthought, a run-on thought, or does it have to do with your lengthy list of business? ;o) Just wondering. I've never even heard of it! But that's not really news. I don't keep up with that stuff very well.