Friday, August 10, 2012

Jordan River Temple = Wedding = Happy

 The happy Bride and Groom
 One Happy Grandma (Autrey)
 One Happy sibling and her family (Gail, Seth and kids)
One very happy group of Nick's best friends from High School (and 2 spouses) 
who attended his wedding
 The little cousins from Vernal don't seem to happy, but their Great Great Grandma Liebhardt was sure
 happy to see them!
 I think the moving water in the fountain is very representative of all the motion and action that was going on outside the temple this morning.  Family chatting, playing in the water, taking photos, catching up. It was a HAPPY day.
Happy Damian

 Katie, Casey and boys.  What a trip they had!  We were SO HAPPY they finally made it!!
Two happy little grandson's, playing in the water of the fountain.  Who can resist a good fountain? 
 Not I! And not them, either!

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