Saturday, February 28, 2015

Busy February weeks!

We comment to one another (Mike and I) how this quaint little University town has PLENTY to do, and folks who say "There's nothin' todo in this podunk town" are crazy.

This was kind of what our last week was like:

On Monday after work, Mike was pretty tired after shoveling. I was getting over being kind of sick and staying home sleeping for the past 24 hours, so we just had Family Home Evening by reading some articles, then we played dominoes at the kitchen table for a couple of hours almost.  And ate ice cream.  But we could have gone out to a play.

Tuesday, I dragged through the day and was exhausted. But after dinner we went to Cedar City Music Arts. It was the Glen Miller Orchestra. They were so good.  We really enjoyed it a lot. It was good that I just had to sit and listen, because, quite frankly, that's all I had the energy for.
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Wednesday, Mike and LeGrand Lyman drove to Salt Lake City and back to get knee treatments.

I went to the gym to meet with the students who are using me as their guinea pig. Only they weren't there, so I just walked/ran around the indoor track and came home.
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Thursday night, Mike and I attended an evening Convocation presentation by the authors of "Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons" or Sistas in Zion. They were very enjoyable and we bought their book and had them sign it. There were about five other events on campus that night--basket ball game, a play, another club play, Art Insights, The Polynesian Review, exhibits,...yeah, you get the point.
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Friday we decided to attend "Fiddler on the Roof."  Great production.  The Polynesian Club review (it's a show) is still going on, there's still more athletic events, and and and.  We have to choose and sometimes we are just plum wore out and choose to stay home! Whew.
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Photo by Asher Swan

The week previous I attended three other presentations, two within my work day and one outside of it. I learned about Community Banks from our local State Bank CEO (who also happens to be in our ward and is our Stake President. I sat with his wife during his presentation.), and I listened to a Life Coach talk about finding Joy at Work.  AND I went to hear our former Stake President and another current Judge (in my stake) speak about same sex marriage. Although, they really didn't end up speaking much about that since it's still under consideration by the Supreme Court, so they are not  allowed to speak or give opinions.  I learned more about the workings of the courts, etc.

And I had a fun birthday dinner celebration my dear friend Cindy Williams and her other friends last Saturday. It's been a very full couple of weeks. I've even had a mammogram, attended a workshop on a Saturday morning about Copyright (interesting and work-related), went to Water Aerobics one or two nights in February, went to Book Club, out to eat with my hubby for Valentine's Day, took some friends and family to see "The King and I" at the Heritage Theater [Cedar Valley Musical Theater production and very well done--some ward members were in it], have been assessed outside of work hours by some students in an upper division PE class called "Exercise Prescription," and they are prescribing me a program to help whip me into shape. Or at least improve some things. Or kill me. Last night was the first 'prescription' workout and, oh. my. goodness. I think that's why my back is sore.....  Oh, and I went visiting teaching (sort of--no appointments and no partner, but I did drop by and say "hi" to make sure they were still around and not ill or anything). 

So, if you mix in a forty-hour work week, meal preparation, a little exercise, --Oh, and sleep. Don't forget the sleep!-- there are just not enough hours in the day.  At least, not for EVERYTHING.  But we manage to make time for SOME things.

I'm off to do laundry and lesson prep for tomorrow's Primary Class.  And later I'll give Mike a hair cut.  And do some mending....

Or perhaps I'll just have a nap.
Image result for cat napping in sunshine Me, in the afternoon on Tuesday after the sun came out and the storms had stopped and I was just SOooooo tired...

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