Thursday, February 5, 2015

Texarkana pals

Sorry, I don't think I'll be posting any of the blurry photos from this excursion up north.  If I can get them TO insert as an image. We'll see.

Last week on Jan 31, it was not only Nick's 29th birthday, but it was also a wedding reception for Lynn Reamer Zylks Richardson's daughter, Hadyn.  Ruth Hair and I drove up there on Saturday afternoon to meet up with other Texas friends.  First, I had to get some chores done at home. It was convenient that I didn't have to teach my 4-year-olds in Primary the following Sunday because they YM/YW were doing that for all the sisters in Primary so we could attend the Relief Society visiting teaching conference that day.

But we drove up there and met Norma in Spanish Fork and had dinner together at Kneaders. I've not eaten there before.  It was really good.  Then we headed over to the reception in Salem and said hi to Lynn, offered to help, but they had everything all set up, so we just visited with Tim and Debbie Brown and Daryl and Martha Reavis who also came early before the reception so we could chat before hand.  Eventually we got up and went through the line, ate refreshments and visited further at a table in the cultural hall.  Eventually, it was time for us to head over to Norma's house in Provo.  Ruth and I spent the night there, then got up and ate breakfast with Norma and headed back to Cedar City.  I just had Ruth drop me off at church and I got to attend our Relief Society meeting close to 11 a.m.

Ruth has a Lincoln that pretty much drives itself. It was really fun to drive it.  and I like spending the time with Ruth. I love that we have these friends from Texas who have remained friends all these years and will forever. All because of the Gospel that binds us together. I wish more of the Texas group could have come and met us there.

AND....the blurry photos !

Martha Reavis, Ruth Hair, Norma Conner Hawkes

Tim and Debbie Brown

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