Sunday, February 8, 2015

No Foodie Story from Las Vegas :-(

Seriously, we spent the better part of a week in Las Vegas and didn't eat out once, so I have no foodie story to share from our time there.  Isn't that amazing?

Actually, the steaks we grilled while there WERE amazing.  You do realize, don't you, that steaks cost just about the same as hamburger does these days?  Incredible.

Our friends we had over for dinner (Kim and Terri Hunter on Monday; Don and Keala Cupp on Thursday) brought dessert when they came on Monday [cheesecake] and Thursday [Marie Calendar banana cream pie].  I had brought some left over Apple Crisp from home and tried crisping that up in the oven for dessert on Wednesday. Nyah. Didn't work. T'was more like "apple soggy."

So I had a week of eating a LOT of food, very little activity and exercise.  And I'd rather not talk about how much weight gain that caused.

Oink.  Even without a foodie story  :-)

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Donna said...

You are too funny!