Sunday, February 22, 2015

We finally have some winter snow! It has been so warm and sunny. It's been nice, but not normal. Mike got a workout while shoveling drives and walks. He left during Sunday school and did his Mom's, Sister Schmutz's  (he home teaches her), and ours. When he picked me up after Primary, I commented that his truck heater never even got warm, all the drive home (granted, it IS a short drive, but he had been out and about already). It was still blowing cold air on me. Brrrr.  Well, he pointed out that the knob was not even turn up to hot. He was roasting from all the hard shoveling. I shivered all the way home. Ha. Teaching for year olds  may be hard, but it's not a physical workout like shoveling snow is.

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Donna said...

So pretty, however glad I don't live where it snows (much) anymore!