Thursday, July 13, 2017

Goodbye, old friend

We have had our Mitsubishi Diamante sedan for many years. Over 10. We really liked it. With the exception of a harrowing two weeks in Hell Centro , CA some years ago, it has served us well. Thank you to Seth who worked on it numerous times, as did other mechanics.
But now it is time to say goodbye. We dont want to invest as much money in it as it would take to get it running well again, so we're saying goodbye.😟
No, we don't name our cars. Sorry.

And now we get to say "Hello!" to this new little cutie. It was totally unexpected. We knew we were going to need to shop around pretty soon for a new vehicle. But with the sudden death of the white car...well, we just weren't quite ready to make that leap quite yet. We had, after all, just purchased a new truck in March to replace the white one that ws totaled in December (black ice). I told Mike we should probably be a one-car family for a few months. Shop around. Pay down the red truck some more. It wouldnt kill us. I still mostly bicycle to and from work. But this one kind of just fell into our laps! It was a great buy, just what we were going to be looking for whe we DID start shopping. So we did it. It was just too hard to pass up.
We have gone from being a "two white vehicles" family to a "two red vehicles" family. It's  Mitsubishi Outlander, seats five and I took it on a very long test drive to Huntington Beach Tuesdat/Wednesay. It did great!

Eric and I listened to All the light you cannot see audio book. Excellent read. I highly recommend it.

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Donna said...

Very cute. That was the 2nd car in our final two show down. The RAV won ONLY because it had save seat settings and to me that is/was the selling point! I hate having to readjust my seat fir days after a trip to FL. Now it's a push of a button and a few mirror adjustments and I'm off again!

Cute car!