Saturday, July 15, 2017

Washer woes

One side

The other side
Ugh. We have spent so much money this year on appliances and repairs and vehicles (and travel and fun!) that I just dont want to think about one more major purchase.
BUT , when your blanket comes out of the washer and dryer dirtier than when you put in in, something must be done.
I know it doesn t look like much, but the only thing on this blanket when I put it IN the washer was cold germs. Now it has icky dark linty messes all over it. Even after being thoroughly dried in the dryer! You would think that would fluff them out. Nope. How dirty must my clothes be???
I complain. Mike says "Go get a new washer [and stop complaining all the time]"
Really? I have to shop? I went shopping months ago and the one I thought I wanted was about $750. Seems a bit high to me. What kind do you have and why do you like it?

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Donna said...

I have the Samsung front load. I like them, but honestly can't do larger items like comforters, so that's a downside. I did like my old Kennmore large capacity that is now in Florida. Still like it. Our dryer went out and we got a cheaper model dryer to go with it and really, they do the trick :)