Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lake at the Hills, Cedar City

 But first--Settlers of Catan!  Eric finally got someone to play with him.
 We got there early-ish on Saturday morning the 8th of July. It was fairly glassy and smooth and very NOT crowded!  Yay.
 Jonathan and Braeden
 Caroline, Alexa, Eric, Ella

 It was bright and sunny to begin with. Pretty cumulus clouds in the distance.

 Ella was racing Eric back to shore from the other side.

 The water was too cold for me. I could barely get in up to my knees. I did go out on a paddleboard a couple of times, but I never got off it out in the lake. Ella and Braeden went out with their Mom  and Eric and were diving off the boards. Ew. Too mossy, cold and icky for me.

 And then a storm blew in, complete with lightning up on Cedar Mountain, so we got off the water in a hurry. I didn't bring much of anything for snacks and we were there from about 10:30 to 1:00 or so.
 I left first in one of our three cars that ended up being there and I fixed lunch at home for everyone.
And we were ALL hungry after our fun day at the "Lake at the Hills". It's kind of a big pond, but it's free and close by. 

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Donna said...

Looks like fun! Wish we had that when I went to school there!