Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hawaii 2015 days 1 and 2

Pamela . She does not love to fly. But she did it!
Downtown Honolulu.
Views of our little room. Murphey bed, kitchenette, shower, window-mount air conditioner. Comfy sofa...a good thing since the bed was NOT.

Entertainers at the nearby shopping center.
Awww, it's little kids, too!
Gorgeous orchids in the shopping center.

And this great big tree, soaring up to the sky, right in the middle of fhe shoppjng mall.

We quite liked the fancy wooden tree benches.

below: The view from our balcony hallway. 4th floor, apartments right over the railings. Waikiki is PACKED.

Sunday, driving around Lanikai, I spotted this round house up on the hillside. And a bunker way above on the TOP of the hillside.

Bell from the Arizona at Pearl Harbor.

Pam in yellow.

The guy in wheel chair is WWII vet, accompanying on the launch and narrating his experiences and history of the Arizona. They always have WWII vets on hand at the memorial to visit with visitors.

I was  quite impressed with the size of the tanker/freighter in background.
Do we look enough like tourists?

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