Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hawaii 2015 Surf Competition

Ella, Braeden and many other little ones (and some BIG ones) had some fun times digging and playing in the sand. B is wearing long white sleeves; E is in purple and pink toward the front. 
  The weather was gorgeous.
You cannot tell unless you zoom in, but this water is PACKED with people. Poor B couldn't even catch a wave because he was blocked by beginners or tourists and he was polite and let them have the right of way.

 This is Lexi, after her competition. The waves during her heat did not cooperate and she didn't catch ONE wave during her 15 minute time on the water. Oh well. She had fun catching some others just for fun, later on.
Tandy spent a LOT of time standing kn this rocky wall, taking photos of all the team members, both during practices and during the competition. We sat under umbrellas in the shade. ONE time, she and Damian took a dip together. Damian also spent time in the surf watching and helping the littler kids who weren't competing, but had taken lessons from Coach Jo. 

 Damian with Tandy, "official" photographer.

 Typical size of the waves the girls surfed on. Lexi did manage to catch a few on Day one, heat three. She did really well for being such a beginner. Day one of practice was quite harrowing and about did her in, but she kept at it and did okay.
 Yeah. The sun was hot.
Pamela, posing.
And that was the end of my camera battery! I  missed photographing most of the second day of competition because I forgot to charge my camera battery the night before.  It looked very similar to the previous day, only Mike and I actually got in the water that afternoon to cool off and enjoyed the sun and surf on Waikiki beach.
We came home on Sunday, June 7, arriving in Cedar City on Monday afternoon at 2 pm.  As of today (Wednesday, when I downloaded all these photos and more), Tandy and kids are STILL trying to get back to Guam.

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