Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Memorial Day in Utah County, 2015

Provo Cemetery.

There are several un-marked graves that need to be decorated, and Berenice is about the only one who knows who is where.

Way, way, waaaaaay in the distance on the walk between trees, is Mike, hiking back to the car. Berenice and I were waiting for a ride on a Gator, garden-truck sort of thing.

The one above this is a zoomed-in shot of Mike. This one shows how far it really was. And aren't the clouds gorgeous? 

Ooooh, pretty!

At the park after decorating graves. Mike and his cousin Matt Liebhardt from Orem. (Ed and Nona's youngest)

Aunt Nona, Gayela, Mike and Matt.

Eric and Brittney Autrey's THREE day old baby !!

Keĺson, Back of Britney, Jayson and Eric. 

Kelson, Janet, and Robert Autrey

Nick explaining Liebhardt family history finds to Matt and Aunt Nona Liebhardt. 

Mike and Gayela with their  cousin Riley Graham.

Kaylee and Rachel. It got pretty cool and windy during our picnic. 

Nick with cousin Eric Autrey, Brigtney, Kelson

Jessica Autrey with Rob

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Donna said...

I miss family time in Utah!