Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hawaii 2015 Ukulele lessons, Mighty Mo and Bowfin

The Wyndham Resort that Damian's family stayed at had occasional activities. Friday morning it was ukulele lessons, so we came over to watch.  Braeden is a natural and did very well!

The family also got a (shell ) lei greeting at the front desk. The folks were very helpful, provided pool/beach towels, and two fire drills!! One was on Saturday night/Sunday morning around 1 a.m. the second was Sunday afternoon/evening. Fire trucks and all. There actually was a fire in a restaurant in the neighboring building . The Wyndham has two towers. We did not have to evacuate, thankfully. I think we would have hauled all our luggage with, as we had to leave that evening for the airport, and what if we weren't allowed back in the building on time?! Poor kids were very cranky and tired on Sunday morning for sure after that rude awakening in the wee hours.

Friday afternoon we headed over to Pearl Harbor to the Memorial of Valor in the Pacific. Tickets were all gone for the Arizona, but we went to see the submarine Bowfin and the Missouri Battleship. Good stuff.

Below: In and On the submarine.

Approaching the "Mighty Mo"

Those are some hot and tired kiddos sitting in the shade, awaiting ticket purchase by Damian.

Tandy had the same reaction that I did of the statue of the kissing couple--she took a picture. I don't know where mine is. probably on my phone.

Tiny bunk rooms.

Click on the photo below, tilt your head, and read the poem below. It explains a lot.

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