Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hawaii 2015 hotel activities and beach party

I went for a moonlight walk on Monday night and saw fire dancers.
Moonlight on Waikiki beach.

After practice, they did exercises!

Go, Lexi!

Tandy, in white with her camera bag.

Mike , watching kids make leis at hotel.

Pamela, showing off her ankle ti leaf lei.

Mike and Braeden.

That's B, in the gray top, lolling in the sand ( in previous pix, too)

Getting ready for the party on Thursday afternoon. Their coach was SO sick those first few days. He was barely able to make a brief appearance at his own surprise birthday party . But he was well enough to watch the Sat/Sun meet.
Coach and his wife, Demi.

Food and drinks!

The hula show that only lasted a few minutes with no sound. Oh, well.

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