Monday, July 31, 2017

Random Summer Photos

Sometimes there is a bit too much silliness at work. Like when someone hides in a big box with the purpose of jumping out and scaring another. Successsfully, I might add. She was paid back. (I hope they are done)

This is my happy spot. I have not spent nearly enough time here this past summer. Which is nearly passed.

Marbleworks with grankids. And reading. What a good time we have had this summer of '17 with kids and grandkids coming and going all summer long!

Some of them had LONG drives that required LONG stretches of LONG legs!

Getting re-acquainted. Lexie, Ella and Hailey.

Braeden, Hayden and Quintin. Somebody pointed out that ALL of our grandson's names end with N.

Cheesy smile. Her favorite shirt says, "I'm a big deal in Kanarraville." And she sure is!
I am pracricing my headscarf look. Either to be "scarf sister" with my sisters in coming months of their treatments. That, or prepping for my fall trip to a Muslim country with my friend, Athena. True fact, both.

These roses have kind of a funny story. I was out on the front lawn with Corbin and Quintin, just chillin', blowing bubbles, relaxing in the shade. I called across tne street to my friend and neighbor, Fieenia, who was cutting back a rose bush. I said, "Hey, Fieenia! You're not throwing all those pretty roses in the trash, are you?!" And she was. The shrub had overgrown her pretty and sentimental yard deco, so she was just cutting it back. A lot. And throwing away the roses in to her garbage can. Corbin was playing "I'm a baby " and sitting in one stroller, so I strapped Quintin safely in the other stroller, left HIM parked in my yard, strolled across the street with silly Corbin ( he's six and way too big ) in the baby stroller. And I visited with my neighbor while digging those pretty roses out of her trash can. And Corbin carried those pokie roses back to my house on his lap, sweet boy. (They lasted for DAYS! ) Quintin watched from afar, unable to move  or go anywhere.

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Donna said...

Beautiful flowers!
Lovely head scarf! The good news is that the odds are I won't lose my hair with the treatment I'm scheduled :) yay me!