Wednesday, December 30, 2015

After Christmas with Nick, Kaylee and Rachel!

 Nick, Kaylee and Rachel came to Cedar City the day after Christmas, on Saturday the 26th.  Rachel immediately liked the jingle bells on the bottom of the Christmas tree and decided they made great bracelets!  They had dinner with friends that night.
 In the afternoon, Grandma Liebhardt came over to see them.

 Rachel enjoyed spinning her Mom around on the kitchen stool, so then Kaylee spun  her around!

 Rachel also enjoyed the rocking chair. She is so daring!
 Oh, and she climbs!  FAST!  When she goes, she really GOES. ha.

 Eating Cheerios is very serious business when you only have front teeth
 (5, with one more on the way)

 And playing with magnets on the fridge is very serious business, too!  We have lots of them.

 Cooking with Grandma is also very serious business.

It was so fun to have them come for a few days.  We went to Church together on Sunday, had dinner with Grandma Liebhardt that evening.  Nick, Kaylee, and Rachel and I went out to breakfast on Monday morning, then I stayed with Rachel while they did a little after-Christmas shopping.  Nick made dinner for us on Monday night.  Tuesday, they headed home after breakfast. Thanks for coming, kids!


Donna said...

The over the shoulder crawl had me giggling! What a cute girl ;)

Britnee Autrey said...

awe!!!! Rachel is just so adorable!!! I absolutely loved this post! :D Such a nice, sweet and good looking family!