Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lunch with Friends

 Once upon a time, I used to host a luncheon for myself, for my birthday. It was my birthday gift to ME!  I wanted to spend time with friends I seldom got to see.  I didn't tell them it was my birthday, but just invited them to lunch with me at my home. Quiche Lorraine became the favorite.
But do you know how many YEARS it has been since I've done this?  Well, I started working and things just went down hill from there. Remember, I've been working for [say this in your best "old lady" voice] 'Nigh unto to twenty years...'
I did do it some of those working years since I worked nights and was only part time.
 So, it was time.  I've missed my walking buddies. They are friends in the ward, we walked together for years in the mornings--again, 'till jobs got in the way.  But we are still good friends, even though we seldom get to visit at length.
 I thought me might just go out to lunch together.  We've done that occasionally through the years. Or, out to breakfast.  I had a huge mess of a kitchen, very little time what with working and all (those darn jobs! They interfere with so many things!!). BUT, I did make the calls at Jackie's request, and I did set the date. I told them I would pick them up at 12:30 and we'd have lunch together.  I had to work till noon that day.
 So, the night before, I really did finally get busy.  After a nap, of course.  I dug in and cleaned the very messy kitchen. Even mopped the floor! (a rarity for me) I made quiche and it turned out lovely. I absolutely did not want to go to the store and our fresh fruits and veggies are very limited, but it still turned out nicely. I even had fresh mint sprigs to garnish the salad!  Christmas-colored pears would have been a nice touch, but I couldn't find any of those in our basement. I think we already ate them. Each of my friends received a cute little gingham dish towel as my Christmas gift to them.
 Nancy Johnson, me, Jackie Bullock (no, I'm not sitting on her lap!) and Jan Thorley.  Fun times! Thanks for coming along with me, gals!
Wednesday, December 23, 2015.

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