Thursday, December 17, 2015

Guam, more photos

I think most of these are from Friday.  Touring with Damian, meeting up with Tandy at the Two Lovers point. Later was the Cross Country Meet. I have more photos I've stolen from others. Just have not coordinated how to get them from one thing to another.

I didn't even KNOW there was a battle of Guam. But the fortifications (Japanese) all over the island are very indicative of that fact.

The harbor wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. I'm sure it was many years ago, before flying was as popular as it is now.  You used to ship everything every where by boat if it was a long distance, but no more.  The international airport is growing and busy, however!

I look like I'm wearing a Sombrero. ;-)  The fences all along this area were packed with the love notes locked onto the fence.  There were also plaques mounted along the wall with thousands of names of brides and grooms--all from Asia.  Very popular wedding spot. This particular day, we saw one bride and groom.

You see, the legend is (Romeo and Juliet -ish) that the two lovers knotted their hair together and jumped to their deaths into the sea and reef below (it is all shallow reef below this point) together.

And this sink hole just has a bitty fence around it, a light shining down in that is not lit, and NO explanation of why it's there or if this nice little bit of precipice we are standing on is just gonna drop off into the ocean, or what. It was kind of eerie.

It appeared to be bottomless.  The cliffs not 50 yards away were pretty sheer, as well.  I would guess close to 75 yards down to the sea? Maybe more. I'm not a very good judge of heights.

A big lizard on the wall.  Zoom in.
A big lizard NOT on the wall. ha.

Besides the wedding and lovers' leap place, there was also another Peace memorial that was quite...well, peaceful.  It was erected after 9-11. 

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