Saturday, December 26, 2015

Winter Wonderland

 I saw these cute little guys along the back fence.  Oops, I forgot to clean out the flower bed in the fall. I'm telling you, I just totally did NOT do any yard work in our back yard this year.
 These are the seed pods of the purple cone flower (echinacea) and they are wearing these cute little snow caps.

 Brrrr. And the diamond block that borders our wanna-be garden kind of have the look of marshmallows today.
 Another Oops. I forgot to put away the hammock this fall. It's full of a wanna-be snow man.

 And, in the front yard we have more diamond block. I've been thinking that we should string some Christmas lights out there, and the garlands of snow just emphasize how right that would be!  Isn't that pretty?  Imagine it at night, with colored lights beneath the snow.  That's one of the prettiest things about winter--lights under the snow.  We didn't even put any lights around our windows this year.  But the tree looks nice. Eric had the house decorated for Christmas when I came home from Guam on Dec 9.  It was a very nice surprise!

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