Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Guam in December

Did you know they have mermaids in Guam? Neither did I! They are really cute, too. This is a functioning mermaid tail that slips on. I can't wait to see Ella in action with it in the "pool" at Gab Gab beach. We swam and snorkeled there today and it was beautiful!

Tandy and I snorkeled. Donna and Damian SCUBA dived. We were out for over an hour and Tandy and I saw not one, or even two, but THREE sea turtles! It was so fun. And Nemo fish swimming in the anenome. We saw squid-like cuttle fish, and parrot fish, and lots and lots more of really fun and familiar stuff. Underwater gardens of coral of all shapes and sizes, and it was such fun, in spite of my struggles to see clearly through a mask that fogged up. Warm water, warm sunshine, fun times.

I stole these pictures from Donna and Tandy. They had nice underwater cameras. Thanks, Gals!😀


Suzanne said...

Looking forward to more posts. Looks like fun!

Suzanne said...

Can't wait for more posts. And that's one cute mermaid!