Saturday, December 26, 2015

(White) Christmas, 2015

 It was definitely the most different Christmas I have ever had!  But there was snow. And lots of it. I shoveled off a LOT of snow, and it just kept coming down. I took the left-over quiche to Berenice's house and we had breakfast together before opening her gifts. I wore my gift over there. Mike and I exchanged gifts before he left for Wisconsin last Saturday. I got a lovely ring and poor Mike got books from me.  Seems a little lop-sided, doesn't it?
 Here's me in my Santa hat. That snow just kept coming and coming down! My hair was all frosted, the hat and my coat even got wet.  However, considering how much snow I moved  from Berenice's driveway (twice), I really wasn't all that sore on Christmas night!  And, my feet stayed nice and toasty warm. Wish I would have been wearing some over-pants, rather than just some jeans, as my legs got a little chilly.

Oh, I heard this snow storm blowing in on Christmas Eve. I was all nestled and snuggled in bed, trying to get to sleep--you know how hard it is to sleep on Christmas Eve! ha.  Not really. I was quite tired and had finished all the wrapping I was going to do, read a little and hunkered down under the covers.

This is what my mind did as I was drifting off to sleep: poetry. ;-)

Winter Haiku

Snuggled deep in quilts,
I heard howling wind outside.
My satisfied sigh.

I happen to love snow. We live in a desert and it's our water source. BUT, it's also quite pretty. In my normal life, I don't have to deal with it much. I don't have to work in it. I choose not to play in it. So I can just sit tight in my cozy home (or pleasant work place) and watch it come down.  My chauffeur will usually take me to work and pick me up; he also shovels the walks and keeps my vehicles inside the garage. It's a win-win for me. (Yes, I'm a bit spoiled.)

I was a bit tempted on Friday to go out and play in that stuff.  Others thought the same and they DID. The hills around town on Christmas Day and the day after have been full of sledders. How fun. Makes my back hurt to think about bumping down a hill on a cold, hard piece of plastic at breakneck speed on my bottom. But it was tempting for just a little bit. A very little bit.

In the afternoon, Mom L and I headed over to Doug and Diane Gardiner's house for dinner.  Doug is Mike's nephew.  Two of their four children were there. Below: Doug, Brooke, Diane, Mom L.

That night I just worked on Christmas cards--addressing, stuffing envelopes, etc. I am still short. For some reason the list has grown quite long, but that's OK. We really enjoy receiving Christmas cards this time of year.  These won't go out until I can get to the Post Office on Monday and buy a roll of stamps, but it'll still be before New Year's, so that's good enough for me!

Merry Christmas!!
 Well, shoot! I found a few more pictures! Berenice opening up presents Christmas morning.
The remains of the pie I (made and ) took to our Chrisrmas dinner with Doug and Diane.

And here are some of the decorations at my house, courtesy of Eric. He got all the important stuff . I neglected to photograph the nativity scene. The lighting was bad, then I got distracted. 

 But here is my cute tree collection.
 We have quite the little gathering of snowmen.
 The tree. It even looks swell in the re-decorated stage.
 Mantle pieces.
 And here's mynsweet little After Christmas treat! Nick and Kaylee got here on Saturday afternoon. I have more pictures on my camera I will  add later.

 Talking on the phone with kids.

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