Sunday, July 20, 2014

A kitchen request.

I have a request.  What should I put in the crock in the corner of my kitchen.  The crock is on permanent loan from my MIL.  I believe it was Mike's grandma's or grandpa's. It could be a sour kraut maker crock.  I'm not really sure, but it's an anitque and I like it. I used to have it under the phone area of my kitchen with a trailing ivy plant (fake, of course) in it. Apparently, I'm done with ivy.  What do you think should be in it now?  I was thinking of something tall to stand here in the corner by the table?  sticks?   cattails? bamboo? ficus?
Here's the corner with the crock. Pot. Or crock pot. Or cock pit.

A close-up. Sort of.

Oh!  And Eric, this is for YOU!  Remember when I said I thought your Bonzai tree might be dying?  Or I was killing it or something?  Well, Katie started giving it lots of water while she was here, and voila!  It has come back to life with new leaves. It was down to ONE SINGLE leaf!! Now there is all kinds of new growth. I'm kind  thinking it may be a seasonal thing they do. My ficus at work is going through the same thing--leaf droppage and now new growth.  We will stay the course and hope for the best and for survival.

So, what is the verdict for the corner area ?  Also left on my list are towels and rugs for the floor.  I just LOVE this fresh new look!!!

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Tandy said...

Lexi says sunflowers for the crock in the corner. Braeden says cattails. Ella says you should grow some live mint in it. ;o)
Our votes are in. Let us know what you choose.