Sunday, July 20, 2014

Activities with my Girls

July 9, Katie and Gail and I left the kids with Mike.  He'd just started laying hardwood down on the kitchen floor.  We told C that SHE was the babysitter for her brother.  Katie's kids were with their other grandma, so it was just the two of them.  My girls and I took some family names that had been prepared and we went to the St. George Temple!  It was such a nice time with just us girls.  Katie did baptisms and confirmations for three sisters and initiatory (which was very crowded that day), and then the three of us did an endowment session.

I hear that there is another (third) new temple instruction film.  I wonder if there is a way to time it just right so that one can attend the session in the room that is using the film that you HAVE NOT seen yet?  Can one make a request?  "Yes, I want to attend a session and do this service for my kindred dead. Only can I please have the room with the film that is newest and I haven't yet seen?"  Sounds a bit tacky to me, but I know people.  I think I'll ask around. ;-)

After we attended the temple, we went out to eat at the Olive  Garden.  Then we went to Target where THEY bought swimsuits.  I did not.    I just got a new one. Through the mail.  It's too tight...

Thursday the 10th, I got a couple of free tickets for the Neil Simon Festival.  A play. It was free. Gail and I went.  It was a good time.  The play was  . . .um. . . not one that I'd go see again.  The language was really awful.  No wonder I'd never heard of it before.

Friday the 11th, Mike and I spent the day in Richfield. I'd signed up MONTHS ago for a Utah State Retirement Systems Pre-Retirement Seminar.  All day. 9 to 4.  Presentations and information. Snacks and a lunch break. Powerpoints and talks.  LOTS of information.  Eh, Mike had heard it all before.  Maybe I had, too.  But I forget things. And I know I do NOT want to work until I die.  So, I figure if I have this "Cadillac" pension plan -- their terminology-- then I should figure out how to make this work for me so I can retire at a decent age and go have some fun. Or go on a mission. Or go play with grandkids.  Or something.   And the day counted as a date, OK?

Seth flew in that evening from Rock  Springs to spend the weekend with his family and go home with them. THAT was a fun surprise!

Saturday the 12 was the Chadburn Reunion in Veyo, UT.  Saw lots of family.  Endured the heat.  Enjoyed the meal.  Met with cousins, played with babies. Katie and Gail's families left for a friend's home in St. George to go swimming and the rest of us went home to Cedar where it is MUCH cooler.   I had wanted to go to the Veyo pool after the reunion to go swimming, but after checking the prices, decided against it. It's just a pool.  No toys or slides or nothin'.  It may be from natural warm or volcanic springs, but it's an ordinary-looking pool.

Mike STARTED on the kitchen floor project on July 8.  But many days he didn't get to work on it much.  Like Saturday Night.  After being gone all day, we ended up being gone most of the evening, too, as we went to some friends' house for dinner.  Smoked Brisket with the Kunzlers.  It was a lot of fun to just sit and visit in their shady back yard and enjoy good food together. Mike and Dave Kunzler are really good friends; Carol Kunzler and I both work at the Sherratt Library.

Gail and Seth and Caroline and Jonathan left Sunday morning early to head back home to  Rock Springs.  Their car was one stuffed auto! Caroline's first Girl's Camp adventure was starting the next day or so, and they needed to get ready!

Now it was just Katie and her boys left at our house. So Mike put her to work helping him lay the floor, and paint the walls, take me fabric shopping, and make new covers for the dining chairs, and . . . yes, she really did all that.  And more.

I'm posting this on Sunday the 20th.  Katie and her boys left yesterday for Madison.   It's been a fun summer.  A full-of-family summer!  A fresh-new-look-for-my-kitchen summer!  A fruit and veggie summer--apricots galore while the kids were all here to enjoy them and take some jam home, too!  And my house is way cleaner than it's been in a long time, thanks to Kate!  Thank you, Katie, for all your hard work while you were here.  We'll have to do it again sometime.

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