Saturday, July 19, 2014

Marching around the block wall

This is just such a funny picture of my grandson, marching around on the block planter wall in our front yard. Same day as the pushups with Corbin on Katie's back.  But this little guy, we decided, with his pj bottoms hiked up and his dark shaved head and his dark squinty eyes--he looks like a little old shirtless oriental man! Silly guy.

Gail's family left last week on Sunday morning, July 13.  You should have seen how PACKED their car was on departure!  Seth surprised his family by flying down to Cedar City on Friday afternoon/evening.  They got to spend Saturday together at the Chadburn reunion in Veyo, then went swimming at Katie's friend's house in St. George afterwards.  Gail's car was packed full when she came with just three bodies. They went home with FOUR in the car, plus things they'd accumulated.  I think they about had to sit on the trunk lid to shut it. ha.  They made it home safe and sound.  We haven't found too many things that were left behind.  Gail and kids had been here since June 29 and it was really fun to have them all here, having fun together.  When Katie left for home today, July 19, she was stopping first in Rock Springs, so I got to send some of the garden produce with Katie for them to share.  And some jams and jellies.

I do believe my grandkids could live on toast.  They all ate a LOT of toast while they were here.   So easy to please.  And they even liked my apricot jam. :-)

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