Sunday, July 20, 2014

Photos of the Kitchen process

There are no true "Before" photos.  Because we all know what my messy, cluttered kitchen looks like, right?  Well, here goes!

First of all, you need to realize that it took Mike so long, even WITH some help, because

#1.  He wasn't here every day, and we don't work on Sunday.

#2.  Our Kitchen is not exactly square.

#3.  He only had a certain amount of each type of wood--not enough of either to complete it using one solid color.

THIS is the outline of our kitchen floor space.  Ridonculous, huh?
The pink highlights are where he put darker wood.  Back door entry, edges mostly. and one center area that just was not square enough to do anything else and still have things match up.
They moved the refrigerator out from its spot and put it in the dining area.  All the dining furniture lived in the front room for a couple of weeks.  We frequently took our meals out on the front porch and ate on the lawn chairs.  Breakfast in the morning was particularly pleasant.

The entry area is darker, as is the outline of the dining area (with the mis-placed fridge in the middle!). There is just one random board laying there with the tools. It's not installed quite like that. ha.

This photo makes it appear as though there are three colors of wood, It is the flash effect.  There are just two colors and they coordinate well.

After the floor was completed, we covered it all up, chose fabric for new valances, THEN selected paint.  We had to paint primer over all the stenciling. I feel a bit sad about that.  But, it HAS been about 21 years. It's time to let it go, Linda.

We masked the kitchen cabinets, too, because the ceiling got painted!  No more spaghetti noodle outlines up there. ;-)  Yes, it would have made FAR more sense to paint first and then do the floor.  But we weren't sure we were going to paint until we had the floor done. And it looked so nice, it just screamed for new paint!  And new chair seats!  And new window treatments!  So we listened.


Donna said...

I wanna see the completed floor!

Nick said...

No more noodle?! What a shame. I can't wait to see it all next week!