Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kanarra Falls

When Tandy and kids arrived in Utah after staying a while in Southern California, one of the things they wanted to do was hike Kanarra Falls.  Or Kanarraville Falls.  Or something. I've been before, but it was kind of chilly the day we decided to go!  I layered up, took the day off work and away we went!

It is a slot canyon that is a fairly short hike from "downtown" Kanarraville, UT. It is obviously well-known to not only the locals, but many others.  It was CROWDED!  There was an entire Stake Youth Conference group from Minersville, a girls camp crowd, a large family reunion group.  Busy place.  But it was still very enjoyable.

I think all three kids are in the photo below. I meant to zoom in and crop before posting, but, eh. I'm doing good to even GET anything posted!  And I'm doing this bit on my lunch hour at work, outside on a bitty netbook, so it's kind of hard to see.

I think one has to be very brave to get past the first falls and make it to the water slide, because you have to scale this ladder. Tandy did it with Ella on her back!  

 Braeden was the only one who would actually go down the rock slide.  I took a video of him doing it, but will not post it here. It takes too long and the water was way too cold.

The upper falls are pictured below, and you can see how crowded that little slot canyon can get!

This was another editing snafu.  I meant to rotate it.  I wanted a picture of me on this little crooked tree. But we then tried getting all the kids lined up on it.  Easier said than done!

 This is NOT the rock slide.  It is just a little spot on the hike in to the canyon.  But it did work as a slide and all the kids did it!

 But Ella was wet and cold by then and saying, "Come ON, guys!"  So we wandered on back to Pam's house, where the kids dried off in the sun and warmed themselves on the patio.
I have more pictures and Tandy took some, as well, but this gives an idea of what the area looks like.

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Donna said...

Fun, I have never been there. I should go some day!