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Some May, Some June. Random stuff and Shae's Wedding

I think I posted one or two photos on Facebook of the massive snow storm we got in May on Mother's Day.  About a foot of wet snow fell on us, and since the trees had leafed out by then, many MANY branches were broken.  What a mess that was!  We STILL (in July) have limbs hanging and dangling from trees.

In June we took a trip to Bountiful, on the way to Vernal, but stopping in Highland on the way.
Yes, that was a trip.

We went to Nick and Kaylee's, too, staying in their new guest bed.  We like staying at their home--they are very hospitable.
Mother's Day Snow Storm.  This is Mike in the back yard, shaking snow off our apple tree. Now, in July, it is loaded with small apples, but the branches are so bent out of shape. It had been pruned...but at least no branches broke off.

Mike with one of the Figueria boys.  We went to Bountiful for a wedding reception one evening, since we were in the area anyway for something else.  I really can't keep them all straight.  It was so fun to see this family.

I think there are three boys in the family, one of whose reception this is.  There are two sisters, and we've known them since we lived in Hawaii. They now live in Bountiful.  Above is one more son.  SIX little girls, and a little boy on the way.

Grandma with a friend of hers. We stopped by to visit her briefly in the Highland UT area.

We also attended a wedding reception for one of Mike's third cousins.  Or something.  Before the reception, we had dinner with the Burrow's.   Shirley Choy married Dana Burrows.  Shirley has known Mike's parents since they met in the Missionary Training Center, and they have remained quite close through these many years.  Shirley was the first LDS female missionary to be called to serve from Malaysia, and after her mission, she studied at BYU Hawaii and worked at the PCC, so we were able to continue that friendship while we lived over there.  I don't know why I didn't think to take a picture there, with them.  They are a delightful couple with three grown children, one of whom died on his mission about a year or so ago.  Russia, I think.  Very sad.  They fed us a lovely dinner in a very large and well-appointed home.  It was like a museum in some ways, with many pieces of art and artifacts.

It was the weekend of weddings and receptions, if memory serves.  First, dinner with Burrows, then the third cousin reception, then the next day we traveled to Vernal for Shae's wedding.  I

(I remember now. The Figueria reception was earlier in the month, and  we got to attend it because we planned a medical treatment to coincide with that particular event and made an overnight trip of it.  Mike and his mom each had a series of shots in their arthritic knees.)

Shae's wedding.  That was fun to see so many family members.  The wedding was June 21 in the afternoon in Vernal.  The dinner followed, and the reception was after that.  The venue was lovely, in a yard with a pond and trees and gardens, as well as a play area for kids.  Lots of fun foods, good weather, and Gail and her kids drove down from Rock Springs to join us for the wedding. Mike's sister, Gayela, also came with us from Salt Lake.  

Kaylee with her "Costco-sized" strawberry.  Everything is big at Costco, especially THIS piece of fruit.  We stayed at the Liebhardt's on our way to Vernal this particular weekend.  They fed us a big breakfast before we headed to Vernal for Shae's wedding.

Oh, and Tandy and her kids were there, too!  They came up earlier to take in the Zoo and some other things that same weekend.  We all stayed there, except Grandma Liebhardt, who stayed with Gayela.

Nick and Kaylee (or "Nicklee") joined the little Liebhardt's at the Zoo on that Saturday.

Mike's sister, Jannae, with two of her daughters (Monica, Leesa).  Jannae has had some serious health issues over the past few months, so it was nice to see her up and about, but careful still. 

Mike's brother-in-law, Joe.

Caroline, Gail, Jonathan, Mike, awaiting the outdoor wedding ceremony.

Visiting with family at the reception.

Jonathan on the swingset in the back of the reception area.

A few kids and cousins jumping on the nearby trampoline.

They even had a bit of a petting zoo, but only because the owners were very protective of their new little fancy chicks and didn't want strangers mauling them, so set a "guard" over them.  Kind of funny looking, aren't they?

More cousins.  Amanda, Matthew, Drake, Alexis, Josh.

Mother of the Bride, left (Tara), and Tina Eaton (Bride's aunt, and Tara's sister)

Parents of the Bride. Tara is Mike's niece and Jannae's daughter.  Tara and Gary lived in Cedar City when Shae was born. Gary attended and graduated from SUU and now teaches in Vernal (and has for many, many years).

THIS was a crazy-fun dance floor for all these little ones!

I know this is blurry, but I had to take a picture of Eli's hair ( Bride's little bro).  See?  Eric's hair was short by comparison!

A blurry (but very happy) Jonathan.  BOING.

Jannae, Berenice, Gayela, Mike
July, 2014. Vernal UT at Jannae's home.

After the wedding, we spent the night at Ren and Paris Anderton's home.  They were out of town, so Mike and I, and his Mom and Gayela just stayed there.  We attended church with Jannae's family at the 9:00 ward, ate lunch with Jannae's family at her home afterwards and then drove home to Cedar City (via Salt Lake so we could drop off Gayela).  We got home at a fairly decent hour (like 8 pm or so) and it was nice to have such an uneventful drive. No traffic, no accidents. 

Good visits with families.  And there is more to come!

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