Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back in the Spring...

I found some photos I took of our trip to the farm (my co-worker's) when Gail came down to Cedar in March/April for Spring Break.  It was when we went to Nick and Kaylee's for Easter, too.
I have taken Gail's children out to the Nelson Farm before, but Gail has never gone.  I had a fun time, telling her about the science and reasoning behind placement of sheep, corrals, etc.

 A three-legged sheep dog!  And J does NOT like dogs. period.

 No water in the concrete irrigation ditch with boards to cross over.  That was one thing Susan was concerned about--that we'd come when water was in the ditch. I suppose it is a scary liability with us "city slickers."

 They aren't really very cute, are they? (the momma sheep)

 This one actually got out of the pen and separated from its momma!  Luckily, the farm-owner (who is Susan's dad) happened by just then, so he caught the baby, found the proper pen with the proper mommy to put it with.  That was kind of fun to watch.  Those painted numbers come in handy!

I did not succeed in getting the shot I was aiming for.  ALL heads were turned toward us and it was kind of cute.  They all have different faces, believe it or not.  And they sound different, too.

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Donna said...

So ugly they are cute for the mommas