Sunday, July 6, 2014

May doin's

In May comes graduation at SUU.  I like to attend graduation.  I had a co-worker graduate,and we are SOOOO proud of Tammy!!  One of the honorary degree recipients was none other than the Pig Poet, David Lee. He was Utah's first poet laureat.   He was one of my English teachers oh-so-long-ago, and it was great fun to see him again after all these years.

Just before graduation, I attended the annual Utah Library Association Conference in Salt Lake City.  I attended and did NOT present this year (such a relief!); however, I did do a Poster Presentation.  But that's all.  Nothing spectacular--the same stuff I tend to present on each year when I *do* present (a certificate program I am currently chair of).

So, here are some photos of THOSE events!
My co-worker, Carol with HER poster presentation.

Me, with my poster.

At graduation line-up, I found our neighbor, Joshua! He lived across the street and built many a fort with my boys in the empty lot next door to his house.  All grown up, married and graduated, and employed by the LDS church in SLC.

My student worker, Kathie. A librarian at heart and we will miss her.

My personal trainer, Jason. I was his guinea pig for a class he was taking on exercise assessment.  I exercised, he assessed.  Then he graduated and I quit exercising! ha.

One of Eric's good friends, Michael.  We used to see him around our house on occasion.  Eric even tended their dogs and chickens one summer while they were on vacation. 

More library student workers (not mine, so I don't know their names).

Ah, Mr. Lee.  Some things never change.  Well, we're both grayer, and I'm way fatter, but he was still just as friendly and remembered my name. In a way.  He called me "Hooks, TX."  That'll do.  He's a Texan, too. 

Dean John Eye.  He's gone on to bigger things and is no longer our Library Dean.  He is a good man and I'll miss seeing him and his cute family around.

Marina, Circulation Student worker.  Cute Gal.  Eric spent time with her in Utah county, exploring waterfalls once.

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