Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fire Road

The day after the Fourth and that huge celebration,  Mike and I gathered up Katie, Caroline,  and Nick, and we went to volunteer at the Fire Road Bike Race.  Gail and Kaylee watched the kids.  It was a fun and long day.  I'm so glad our kids and grandkid could help us hand out water bottles or Gatorade to the mountain bikers.  Mike and I had driven up to our fluid station (there were four stations and ours was the first) the day previous and were amazed at the hill that those people were doing on BICYCLES!! It was hard for the truck !! Yikes.

You can look up the website Fire Road Cycling
and I'll try to see if I can find some of my photos to post some other time. I know I might have taken a picture or two. Or maybe I did that with Katie's phone and she posted them on Facebook.

It was a very good service project that my co-worker /walking partner talked me into (and I talked Mike into...and we talked our kids into!).  We left at 7 ish in the morning, stayed up there on Cedar/Kanarraville Mountain area at our Fluid Station until 11 or so when the last cyclist passed us by, then headed down to return all our equipment, ate some Pizza for the volunteers at the city park stary/finish line (and there are a LOT of volunteers).  We were at the park when the first finisher of the 100 Kilometer route came in.  It was just before 1 a.m., I think.  Or maybe just before 12. Yes, just before 12.  He didn't even pause for a second when he came past our station around 9 a.m.  "No thanks," he said. "I'm good."  I should say so!!  The race started at the park in Cedar at 8 am, traveled south, up through the mountains, by Kolob Reservoir, down the face of Cedar Mountain...100 k.  and he did it in just about 4 hours.  Wow.  I think we'd have a hard time DRIVING it in that time.  Wow.  We were amazed.  And we did work hard most of the time.

And we sat there waiting for them, eating donuts and chocolate milk! ha! That was before they got up the mountain to us. It took a while. It was a gorgeous day. We also had some brief chats with athletes and had fun cheering them on.  All while being AMAZED.  Seriously. Seriously Amazed.  And I think I'm doing so good just riding my little 6 speed cruiser .7 miles downhill to work, each day.  Phhht.  That's nothin' compared to what we saw that day.

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